ABBOTTABAD               -          No mask no fuel, no shopping”, drive once again started in Hazara division to restrict people in the wake of COVID-19.

The drive was kicked off on the directives of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Hazara Qazi Jameel ur Rehman, earlier on 12th May it was started all over the Hazara division with strict enforcement and showed good results.

After relaxation in lockdown besides police department traders are also facing the threat of coronavirus, if traders would not follow the precautionary measures then they can become victims of the outbreak.

Hazara police started a comprehensive drive “No mask no shopping, no petrol” in all 8 districts to protect people from coronavirus and opted a strategy to get the surety from the traders for the use of sanitizers and mask.

Traders would also ensure that no customer without face mask can enter the shop neither can deal with him, traders are bound not to exceed the customer’s number from five in the shop and shopkeepers would mark signs for social distancing in the shop and outside, place a banner of “No mask No shopping”.

Strict action would be taken against the traders and the people who would gather against the law in Bazar and markets. Restrict parents not to bring children while visiting Bazar and markets.

All petrol pumps and CNG stations were also directed not to give fuel to customers without a face mask, hair dressers were directed to use complete kit while providing services.