LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Mohammad Sarwar, on Sunday, said that PC-I of Punjab Aab- e- Pak Authority worth Rs6 billion has been approved.

“We will provide clean drinking to people of Punjab. MOU of installation of twenty water filtration plants had been signed between Sarwar Foundation and Al-Khair foundation and 10 filtration plants have been successfully installed”, he said while addressing media after inauguration of five clean drinking water filtration plants installed in district Toba Tek Singh by joint collaboration of Sarwar Foundation and Al-Khair foundation on Sunday.

PTI leader Ch Ashfaq, Chairman FIDMEC Kashif Ashfaq and Chairman Narcotics Control Punjab Haji Ramzan were present at occasion. Governor said that clean drinking water accessibility for people of Punjab was the biggest mission of his life. “We are providing clean drinking water to two million people on daily basis. Under umbrella of PDN. we have successfully provided ration bags to 1.1 Million deserving families”, he remarked.

Governor who is Patron-in-Chief of Aab-e-Pak Authority said his promise to provide clean and safe drinking water to people of Punjab would be fulfilled at all costs. He said this authority would ensure cent percent transparency and merit. Perveen Sarwar said that Sarwar Foundation was working 24/7 to provide clean drinking water to people. “Al-Khair foundation donated us 20 water filtration plants, which will be installed in all provinces, including Balochistan. We have also provided ration to 50 thousand deserving families”, she said.