KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Education Saeed Ghani has said that all the students from class I to class XII will be promoted to the next classes this year without conducting exams in the province.

He said that those students who failed would also be pro­moted to the next classes by giving them passing marks. He stated this while holding a press conference here on Sunday, according to a com­munque.

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said during a press conference that stu­dents were being promoted with passing marks to avoid uncertainty in the future. All including private students would be promoted to next level without any discrimi­nation under this formula.

There will be no special exams this year and the stu­dents who want to improve their subjects will be given the opportunity to take the exams next year.

“We have not stopped opening of private educa­tional institutions from to­day if they want, but we have stopped the teaching pro­cess and no school can start teaching without the permis­sion of the government,” he added.

Saeed Ghani said that they had already announced to promote children from the class I to VIII due to corona­virus and later on to promote children from class IX to XII as well as how to promote them. A sub-committee of the steering committee of the education department was constituted to clarify the matter. This committee has formulated its recommen­dations during two or three meetings and we will con­vene a meeting of the steer­ing committee of the educa­tion department in the next two days.

He said that they had an­nounced not to open educa­tional institutions from June 1 while no date had been given for opening and govt would take a decision after reviewing the situation and formulating education policy in the steering committee.

‘In the current situation, I don’t think any parent would send their children to school,’ he said.