LAHORE - Dr Tahir Ali Javed, Unification Bloc leader while calling the PML-N as the real Muslim League asked the Leaguers from all the factions to rejoin it and claimed that Nawaz Sharif would accept them. He stated this while talking to the media at Punjab Assembly premises alongwith Arshad Jutt and Saba Sadiq after chairing Parliamentary party meeting of his group on Monday. He reiterated Unification Blocs unconditional support to Mian Shahbaz Sharif on this occasion. Leaders of Unification Bloc also made public an alleged mobile phone conversation of PPP leader Neelam Jabbar that took place during the then Governors rule in Punjab in which Neelam tried to bribe the Blocs leaders with lucrative incentives for their support against the PML-N govt. Dr. Tahir claimed: 'This tape is just a tip of the iceberg of PPPs horse trading efforts during the Governors rule and they have many evidences at hand, which could be made public if the PPP leaders continue their campaign levelling false allegations against the PML-N leadership and govt. He alleged that PPP would try again to buy the loyalties of the bloc to form its govt in Punjab, however, the members of bloc would not be tempted to any bribe. Dr. Tahir while claiming the bloc, genuine Parliamentary group of PML-Q in the Provincial Assembly challenged the Opposition leader, Chaudhry Zaheer-ud-Din to express their majority or accept the dominance of the Unification Bloc. Regarding the groups Parliamentary Party meeting agenda and decisions, he said that a resolution for unconditional support to PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and PML-N govt in Punjab has been passed.: He further said that there was only one leader who could save the country and that was Nawaz Sharif. To a query, he said that Unification Bloc would not practice 'childish politics of writing or issuing show-cause notices. References ready for 'lotas: Zaheer Calling the party dissidents as turncoats, PML-Q Secretary General Punjab, Ch Zaheeruddin has said that party had prepared references against the 'lotas of the party, as they did not respond to the show-cause notices earlier issued to them. Talking to Opposition members at Punjab Assembly on Monday, he said that party had not called Parliamentary party meeting on Tuesday. He said that the Chief Minister Punjab had kept mum over the issue of loadshedding for the last three years and raised the issue when PML-N broke with its coalition partner in the province. He claimed that PML-Q would not let any turncoat or its patron to pollute the atmosphere of the Punjab Assembly. He further claimed that district organisations of the party have been directed for eliminating the turncoats. Zaheer alleged that the provincial government after handing over the municipal organisations to the government servants, now planned to hand over the province to the turncoats.