The development effort at Thar remains off track. Both the adopted approaches are flawed. March 2011 is the deadline for Dr Samar Mubarikmand for his Power Generation based on Underground Coal Gasification. Engro Energy has set a deadline of June 2012 to start digging for production mine provided they are able to raise $ 3 to 4 billions. Chances of success in both cases are minimal. There is not a single underground Coal Gasification project being run on commercial basis anywhere in the world. Even the Angren Plant in Uzbekistan has been shut down. Raising billions of dollars for a project where not a ton of coal has been mined with no bulk samples is an uphill task. The digging for coal should be initiated in June 2012 either for a full production mine if funds are available or for a test pit to obtain bulk samples for gasification, etc. The development at Thar will start with digging either for a production or test mine and not without it. Digging for a Test or Development Mine is the quickest and the least expensive approach to move forward and should be tried without wasting any more time. DR FARID A.MALIK, February 26.