ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - The Interior Ministry directed the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports to make special arrangements for their return to homeland. Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik ordered the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports DG to provide free of cost travel documents for all the Pakistanis marooned in the strife-torn country and to set up special counters at all airports for the oversees Pakistanis arriving homeland. The special counters will register the credentials of all Pakistanis coming from Libya. With mass evacuations of foreign nationals continue from strife-torn Libya, the Foreign Office Monday said progress was made for save return of stranded Pakistanis with the help of friendly governments. Around 18,000 of Pakistanis are marooned in Libya and we directed our missions in the region to step up effort to facilitate them and ensure safe repatriation of these expatriates to homeland as soon as possible, the Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said in a statement. The Foreign Ministry has contacted Turkey, China, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and other countries for the evacuation of Pakistani expatriates through all possible routes, said the statement. The Pakistan embassy officials are working with the local authorities in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Turkey to ensure prompt repatriation, especially of those Pakistanis who have arrived without proper documentation and passports, the statement said quoting the FO spokesperson. The Foreign Office said embassy officials have been sent to the Libyan border to receive arriving Pakistanis, the spokesperson said, adding that arrangements were being made for the arrival of a group of Pakistanis by sea to Turkey from where they will be evacuated by air. Taking notice of stranded Pakistanis in Libya on Sunday, President Zardari and PM Gilani directed the Foreign Office to take immediate measures for safety of expatriates. So far the following countries have evacuated their nationals from Libya; Bosnia 150, Brazil 3,000, Britain evacuated nationals on six flights and a naval frigate, Bulgaria 100, Canada 200, China 16,000, Croatia 28, Germany sending three naval ships with 600 soldiers for the rest 150, Greece 227, India 1,200 and is also sending two passenger ships and two naval ships for remaining 18,000, Ireland, Italy 1,250, Netherlands, Philippines sending planes and ships for its 26,000, Romania 40, South Korea 200 and aircrafts to bring remaining 1,300, Spain 124, Syria two ships despatched, Tunisia 7,000, Turkey 14,776, United States 150 and Vietnam 1,300. According to International Federation of the Red Cross 25,000 people had crossed from Libya to Tunisia by Saturday in five days.