OKARA - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday reiterated the PPP-led governments resolve to continue with fight against extremism and terrorism, saying that the country could not tolerate the menace that not only plagued the state but also claimed thousands of innocent lives. The government will go on fighting terrorism and extremism till its logical end. Islam is a religion of peace, brotherhood and tolerance in which there is no place for terrorism and extremism, said the prime minister while addressing Mehfil-e-Milad on the last day of the 45th Urs of Syed Hazrat Ismail Shah Bokhari, popularly known as Hazrat Karmanwala Sharif. The prime minister said his government would continue bringing reforms in the laws according to the Islamic spirit to make Pakistan a welfare state. He repeated that said the PPP had firm stance against the blasphemy and could not even think of any legislation against the existing law as the party is the preacher of Islam. The prime minister said some people wanted to impose their personal agenda and system on others through forces, challenging the governments writ, but no one would be allowed to violate the law. About Raymond Davis, he said the law would take its course and since PPP believed in free judiciary, the court would decide the fate of Davis. The prime minister ruled out rumours 'secret bargain over the issue, saying: we have, time and again respect the judiciary and the public that gave us mandate to sit in the parliament, cant commit any such act. He appealed to religious scholars from various schools of thoughts to play an active role in eliminating terrorism from the country. We will have to promote interfaith harmony and for this scholars should play their role in highlighting the teaching of Sufi saints, he added. He said Sufi saints promoted love and peace in society and their role in propagation of Islam and Islamic values was laudable. Their graves are still a source of inspiration and enlightenment. A visit to their graves enlightens the heart and their teachings reinforce our faith, he added. He said the PPP, under the leadership of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, took revolutionary steps for the promotion of Islamic teachings and values. He said Muslims could again excel if they acted upon Islamic teachings and values. The prime minister announced the provision of gas to Rajuwal town within weeks. He also ordered an end to power loadshedding in a nearby village and construction of Renala Khurd dual carriageway.