LAHORE - Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry on Monday asked the government file its reply to a petition that sought information regarding progress so far made on the Raymond Davis case. The petition also demanded a ban on Davis shifting from the present jail or likely handover of the probe to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The court gave the government till March 14 to address all the matters in question, as the petition and allied pleas have been clipped together for proceedings on the day. The petitioner, Barrister Muhammad Iqbal Jaffrey apprehended that the government may set the double murder accused free under the pretext of shifting him from his present jail (Kot Lakhpat) to either Adiala or the Lahore Fort. The petitioner sought an order against possible handover of investigations to the FIA, which, he said, would be akin to 'assigning a jackal to look after melons. He contended that the killers of hit-and-run victim Ubaid-ur-Rehman were also Americans, but they had been clandestinely shifted to America. In this situation, shifting Raymond Davis would help in the maneuvering of his escape from the country as well, he added. His present jail in Lahore is secure and transparent, he said. He (Davis) is receiving daily visits and briefings and special catering by genuine American diplomats and consular staff. He even has access to mail and cellular telephone amenities. The petitioner said the authorities in Pakistan are susceptible to pressure from America as seen in the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, Aimal Kansi and Yousaf Ramzi. They may again yield to American pressure and let Davis go sot-free, he contended. Regarding the court last month giving the federal government till March 14 to inform it about Davis diplomatic status and other issues relating to his offence, the petitioner said the respondents may again seek time to file a reply. He prayed to the court to order the government file its reply by the given date and provide a copy in advance to the petitioner.