Pakistan team won its second match of the World Cup against Sri Lanka. There are however, few important strategies which the team management should consider immediately. In every cricketing mind there is a question as to why Abdul Razzaq is not being used properly. A player, who is capable of turning the match result in his teams favour, should bat at the start and not at number 8 (where he has played in two World Cup matches). When Shane Watson of Australia started his career, he played at lower positions but once the Australian management saw the talent in him, it changed his position and now he is playing as an opener. Hence, Abdul Razzaq should be sent according to the match situation. In batting, Pakistan should play either with Ahmed Shahzad or with Mohammad Hafiz. The better option will be Mohammad Hafeez as he can bowl also. And with Hafeez, Kamran Akmal should open the innings as he has opened the innings many times in past. Fielding should be improved and most importantly the wicket keeper should concentrate on his job as concentration is the key in wicket keeping and fielding. This change will enable Pakistan team to play with another specialist bowler. I hope that team management will make these changes. MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, February 27.