After an infuriating delay of nine long years, a trial court in Ahmedabad announced its verdict on Godhra train burning case on February 24, 2011. The said decision has wiped the smile off the Indian Muslims as 63 persons have been acquitted and 31 persons have been indicted under section 120 B(Criminal Conspiracy) and Section 302(murder). All the accused are the Muslims. The said incident of train burning took place way back on February 27, 2002 at Godhra railway station when 59 Hindu devotees were burnt to ashes by an angry mob when they were returning from Ayodhya after performing religious duties. The FIR lodged immediately after the incident said that the gory incident was not planned. But the hard line Hindu activists compelled the police to impute the whole responsibility upon the Muslims. It catapulted the state of Gujraat into worst Hindu Muslim riots. Almost 2000 Muslims were killed in the span of three weeks. The then Railway Minister, Lalu Parsad Yaduv appointed a railway committee to look into the causes of fire in the Sabmarmati Express in Godhra. The committee opined that the fire was a coincidence and not a pre-conceived act of sabotage. A retired Judge of Indian Supreme Court Justice Banargee in an unambiguous report said that the fire was lit from inside the train. The Gujraat high Court rejected the commissions report and held the formation of commission as illegal and ultra vires. Now when 31 Muslims have been convicted of the felony of the train arson, the Indian government which repeats the mantra of secularism should also spare a thought for the families of 2000 Muslims who were ruthlessly killed. The unscrupulous killers of the Muslims must be arrested and tried according to the Indian penal code. I surmise, the Hindus have been given a carte blanche to commit any kind of atrocity against the Muslims in India whereas a Muslim is punished even at the drop of a hat. A fox should not be a juror in goose's trial. The Indian courts have not respected their own laws as a Judicial Commission viewed that the agitation by the Muslims was not pre-planned and it was not the result of any external stimulus. All one can say is that the trial court's verdict on Godhara train burning case is a miscarriage of justice and it has cast a spell of uncertainty over the Indian Muslims. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA,WahCantt, February 27.