The fallout of Pakistan Peoples Partys ouster from Punjab Government has started appearing in multi-dimensions and Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat has rightly pointed out and questioned the moral grounds of embarrassing 'Unification Group - a splinter of PML-Q - which otherwise has been termed as remnants of dictatorial regime and remained untouchable for Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) for the past three years. Taking the floor on a point of order as soon as the question hour is over Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat said what an irony that the party which is terming them Lotas (turncoats) and remnants of Gen Pervez Musharraf have set a unique example of Lotacracy (horse-trading) by inducting Unification Bloc, Q-League dissidents, who remained part and parcel of Musharraf Regime since 2002 and now again got elected from the same platform in 2008, in the Punjab Government. He asked Mian Nawaz Sharif, who claimed to be a champion of politics of decency and principles, to go for fresh mandate in the province by dissolving the Punjab Assembly as they have lost majority in the house after the ouster of PPP from the government. Faisal spoke high of Pakistan Peoples Party, which in the recent past could daunt the Q-League by luring some of its estranged MPs in government fold, but they did not do it and upheld the politics of principles for which they should be appreciated. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) MNA Khawaja Saad Rafique tried to defend the 'unjustified decision to take Q-League dissidents in their fold to save their government in Punjab and said that they had not lured the Q-Leaguers and they had formed unification bloc on their own after developing differences with their party leadership. To supplement his argument he also referred to the other people who had left the party owing to, what he termed, the flawed policies of Chaudhries from Gujrat but the bottom line was that he had badly failed to justify the unjustifiable. Each and every word of the brawl between Q and N Leagues was no less than an amusement for the MPs sitting on the treasury benches especially Pakistan Peoples Party which for the time being had forgotten the pain and agony of their unceremonious ouster from the Punjab Government. Sensing their weak position on the issue Leader of Opposition and many other stalwarts of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had abstained the NA proceedings perhaps to gauge the reaction of the Q-League on the matter. Anticipating the big showdown between the two main factions of Muslim Leagues, both sitting on the opposition benches, the newly appointed Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has made arrangements for live telecast of the proceedings. Another Q-League MP Sheikh Waqas Akram also rose on a point of order and made a full-fledged speech grilling the N-League for embracing their dissidents, setting aside all moral terms. Pakistan Peoples Party, the main victim, kept complete mum over the situation and none of their MP or minister spoke even a word about their ouster from the Punjab Government on the floor of the house, however, Speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza had given freehand to Q- League MPs to grill N-League and both Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat and Sh Waqas Akram had taken full advantage. In the galleries even the PML-N MPs were not defending their decision which had surely brought Mian Nawaz Sharif down to the level of the ordinary lot of politicians from the politics of high morals he has been doing since his return from exile.