ISLAMABAD - The Unification Bloc in Punjab Assembly and its alignment with PML-N came into spotlight on the floor of the National Assembly Monday when PML-Q and PML-N members engaged into barbs over the issue. The ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP) appreciated by both PML-Q and PML-N when they exchanged allegation with each other over the issue of formation of Unification Bloc in the Punjab government. Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) Fasil Saleh Hayat on a point of order said that Punjab witnessed the worst form of floor crossing when PML-N announced to make alliance with Unification Bloc to form a new coalition government. He while indirectly criticising Leader of Opposition in NA Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed Khan said he heard many lectures and interpretations about turncoats but now the preachers had become part of this game. He challenged the claim of PML-N that the turncoats were dissidents of their party while severely criticising Dr Tahir Ali Javed and Atta Mohammad Manika. He said that on the one hand the PML-N claimed that remnants of Musharraf were not acceptable for them and on the other it was bent on making government with the help of turncoats who were part of the Musharraf's cabinet. He while appreciating the role of PPP said that PPP had the resources to create a new group from PML-Q but it did not do so following the principle of real democracy. He said that PML-N had no moral grounds to rule in Punjab as it had lost its majority and it should dissolve assembly. He termed this step of PML-N undemocratic and unconstitutional saying that if they patronised such politics how would they serve real democracy. He said that his party wanted to take a protest walkout from the house but he decided to record his protest on the floor of the house. Khawaja Saad Rafique of PML-N while responding to Fasil Saleh Hayat said that his party could not deny the role of PPP for the restoration of democracy in the country. He said that military dictator Musharraf-supported PML-Q was meeting the same fate as it used to be after the exit of military rulers. He hoped that Pervez Elahi should be in the lower house to hear his speech. He termed the establishment of Unification Block as no floor crossing as no money was involved in it saying that people had rejected the politics of Pervez Elahi. "We have to make rightsizing in the party established by a military dictator," he added. He said that the phenomenon of the establishment of Unification Block was not new as likeminded group from the PML-Q had already remerged in the National Assembly. He termed the Charter of Democracy (CoD) a sacred document in the history of Pakistan saying that it had been not abolished yet. Sheikh Waqas Akram on the point of order said that how PML-N could say that money was not involved in the formation of Unification Block as Najam Kham Sayal, an MPA from his home district Jhang, was given Rs70 millions in the form of funds to get support for this block. He said that on what moral grounds PML-N had aligned with Unification Block. "Every political party has its own army generals, whether it be General Ayub Khan or Yahya Khan, whether it be Zia-ul-Haq or Pervez Musharraf. He said that the parties made under the umbrella of military dictators did not last long. Hina Rabbanui Khar, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, laid the First Quarterly Report for the year 2010-2011 of the Central Board of Directors of the State Bank of Pakistan on the state of Pakistan's economy. She while responding to a calling attention notice said that the government was not reluctant to give autonomy to the Sate Bank of Pakistan in any way and the Bill regarding this had been presented before the Senate for passage.