LAHORE While advocating shunning of the US supremacy for becoming a sovereign country, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has bitterly criticised the ruling PPP and PML-N for working closely together in order to perpetuate their mutual corruption and actualise their vested interests. Top leadership of both the political parties have assets in foreign countries, and that is why, they have become subservient to their American bosses, he opined, while addressing at the Hameed Nizami Hall on Monday. He dilated upon the political-economic worsened situation of Pakistan, and foreign interference under the 'issue of day subject. Cricket-legend-turned-politician Imran Khan was of the considered opinion that as long as the army would keep on firing at the tribal brethren, terrorism would keep on increasing. We must get ourselves out of the US-sponsored war on terrorism to resolve our issues, he observed. He mentioned that if American Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton could talk of initiating dialogue with the Taliban, then why Pakistani government was not using the option. Till peace-loving tribesmen will be pronounced as terrorists, peace cannot be achieved in Pakistan, he opined. While scathingly criticising the main political parties, Imran Khan averred that Nawaz Sharifs 10-point agenda carried neither the subjects of neither drone attacks nor stability of Pakistan. During the last three years, both parties procured extra foreign debt of Rs five trillion, which have not been spent on the poor or the development projects, he mentioned, while quizzing incumbent leadership about the contradiction enveloped in their foreign assets, and their talk of bringing revolution in the country. He maintained that the PPP and the PML-N were not family dynasties, not political parties since both were functioning sans consultation. There is no democracy within the parties. The N-League has made many U-turns for staying in powers during the last three years, and never objected to drone attacks, he observed. Imran Khan averred that foreign countries wanted to weaken and disintegrate Pakistan by fuelling the sectarianism. About the Kashmir issue, he said Syed Ali Geelani was a unanimously announced leader of all the parties, and India had to liberate Kashmir because the Kashmiri youth had awakened practically to move ahead. He revealed that the PTI would move the competent court for getting decision that only NADRA cardholders could vote in the next elections because both the main parties had bogus voters registered, and bag 15000 to 20000 fake votes. People are aware about the PPP-N melodramatics. This must come to an end now, he asserted.