LAHORE – Despite the tall claims of Punjab government to promote merit and transparency in transfers and postings of officers on key slot in administrative hierarchy, the posting in Anti-Corruption Establishment is not only violation of rules but also negation of self-claimed good governance policy, sources said on Wednesday.
According to them, these officers managed postings in ACE only to enjoy higher privileges, use tented glass, blue revolving light vehicles and receive extraordinary protocol while sitting in offices since establishment was known as a strong department in the province.
The Punjab government posted Shujaud Din as additional director general ACE in June last year. “Din is a judicial officer who belongs to Balochistan and his services are hired for Punjab and then he is posted on the second top slot of ACE to deal with administrative affairs and supervise investigations,” sources added. They disclosed that Din was a close relative of a retired judge of the Supreme Court. An official said although Din had been performing administrative duties but was allegedly getting judicial allowance in violation of relevant rules.
Similarly, sources said Ziaul Haq Ranja had been posted deputy director investigation Sargodha by the ACE Director General in January this year. “Haq is BS-18 officer of postal group and not entitle to be posted as investigator in ACE ,” they further added. Now the ACE had proposed posting of Ali Raza, a federal employee of Information Group, on deputation in establishment against the rules. Proposal was in process to post Dr Mateen, who was MBBS by profession, as director in ACE , an official said. Mateen job profile had no relevance with ACE working, he said.
According to ACE rules 15, about induction of officers : “the re-organised ACE will be open to suitable officers of all departments. Retired officers will not normally be inducted in to the establishment”. Only officers from District Management Group (DMG), Provincial Civil Services (PCS), Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), Provincial Management Services (PMS) and Punjab Police should be posted in ACE as investigator according to their allocated quota. The officers of irrigation, communication and works, law, prosecution, housing and urban development can be posted in ACE against technical quota. There is no room for officers of postal, law and medical services in ACE according to rules.
Sources disclosed that apart from this several officers , some of them even not from the relevant departments were serving in ACE on key posts showing poor performance.
An officer in the ACE seeking anonymity said a junior officer Muhammad Khan Ranjha was as Director Rawalpindi Region due to the reason best know to the ACE management. He said Ranjha, a Grade-18 officer, was posted against the post of Grade-19. Similarly, Zahid Mushtaq who is from Agriculture Department and of Grade-17 is serving as Deputy Director (Investigation) Gujranwala, the officer further added.
An inspector of Grade-16 Irfan Khosa is serving against the slot of Assistant Director in Lahore Region. Inspector Saif Ullah is also working as Assistant Director in the Region and Inspector Imran Arif of Grade-16 is serving as Assistant Director Complaint at Multan Region.
The posting of ineligible officers in ACE was against the spirit of merit and good governance in the presence of eligible and competent officers of deserving cadres.
ACE Director General Abid Javed said all the officers were posted in accordance with the decision of Punjab government. He said the posted officers had vast experience. The DG said he could not share such information on telephone in details.