SHAKARGARH - A tough contest is expected between the PPP and the PML-N in NA-116 constituency in the 2013 general elections, as the constituency has been a stronghold of the former, but now the latter’s popularity is reportedly increasing.

It is expected that the PML-N would give a hard time to the PPP in the upcoming general polls here. In the pre-polls political scenario of Shakargarh tehsil, the PPP has decided to field MNA Ch Tariq Anees as its candidate in this constituency. As an independent candidate Tariq Anees had defeated PML-Q’s strong candidate Daniyal Aziz, the then chairman of National Reconstruction Bureau-NRB, from this constituency in 2008 general elections with a great majority of votes. After his victory as an independent candidate, Anees joined the PPP.

The PML-N has yet to finalise its candidate against PPP’s Anees. PML-N is considering Daniyal Aziz and Dr Naimat Ali Javaid for its candidate here. Daniyal is likely to join the PML-N within a couple of days after flying from the camps of PML-Q, his close relatives have confirmed. They said that Daniyal would soon join the PML-N  after getting a “green signal” of go ahead from PML-N provincial leadership to get PML-N  ticket for NA-116 Shakargarh.

On the other hand, prominent atomic scientist Dr Naimat Ali Javaid, former PML-Q backed District Nazim of Narowal, is also showing his political mussels and mastery of his political details and diction for getting PML-N ticket for NA-116. He is the father of Dr Tahir Ali Javaid, the PML-Q backed former provincial minister and now heading PML-Q Unification Block.

It is also learnt that PML-N central leader and MNA Ehsan Iqbal, hailing from Narowal district, would use his complete political influence to get the PML-N ticket allotted to a potential and suitable candidate of his own choice in constituency.

Dynastic system would also play a key role, as usual, during the 2013 general elections in Shakargarh region. The ground realities speak here that Ch Tariq Anees has complete moral and political support by his Gujjar family, besides, enjoying his big personal vote bank here as the family is in majority.

The PML-N also have a big vote bank in Shakargarh but the “wrong selection” of its candidates in past had proven itself as fatal for the PML-N here. Due to this major political fact, now the PML-N was searching for a potential candidate to win this seat.

Constituency NA-116 Shakargarh has two provincial assembly constituencies (PP 133 and PP 134). Daniyal also intending to contest the upcoming polls with Mualana Ghiyasud Din, former MPA, from PP 133 or with Ch Ashfaq Taj, former MPA, from PP 134, as both of these former MPAs have political influence and personal vote bank.

However, MNA Tariq Aziz has not yet announced the panel of his candidates here and also did not unfold his political strategy regarding elections. In PP 124, the PML-N MNA Ch Ehsan Iqbal is intending to get the party ticket allotted to his cousin Rana Manan Khan, secretary general of PML-N Narowal district. However, the PML-N has yet to finalise one from Mualana Ghiyasud Din, former MPA, Dr Hafiz Shabir Ahmed and Dr Tahir Ali Javaid for PP 134.

The PML-N Narowal leadership is seemed to be confused in the matter of allotting the party tickets to the potential and suitable candidates in provincial assembly constituencies PP 133 and PP 134 Shakargarh while, the PML-N district leadership seems to be ready to accord a warm welcome to Daniyal in PML-N.

The total number of registered voters is 266,529 in NA-116 which consists of 24 union councils including three urban and 21 rural union councils. The geographical boundaries of this constituency meet with neighbouring Indian Punjab and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It has seven popular towns including Chak Amru, Noor Kot, Bara Mangah, Kot Nainan, Ikhlaspur, Sakho Chak and Dhoodo Chak.