RAWALPINDI - The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board has launched operation against illegally construction and encroachment and sealed 60 shops, and confiscated 5 uploaded trucks.

Under the supervision of Cantonment Board Magistrate Ashar Iqbal, Chaklala Cantt Board Enforcement team launched drive in Tench Bata, Gawalmandi, 22 Number Chungi, Last stop, Chaklala Scheme number 3 and sealed 60 building that was constructed without mapping.

Meanwhile, they also issued notices against 240 owners of shops and gave special direction to them that they should demolished illegally made extension infront of their homes and others construction. It is significant to mention here that scores of shops and buildings has been sealed in this operation against encroachers in Rawalpindi and Cantonment. Cantt Board officials claimed that this operation would continue constantly against these encroachers.

Meanwhile, Capital Development Authority, after launching operation against illegal kiosks, has now issued notices to the parties who have illegally occupied land in the federal capital.

A three-member committee has also been constituted in this regard. The committee will conduct survey in the rural areas and strict measures will be taken against the land-mafia. Sources are of the view that the Enforcement Directorate has worked out a comprehensive strategy for ridding the plots from fake owners, who are have patronage of politically influential people.

Sources informed that 14 kiosks in front of PIMS have been demolished and owners of 25 kiosks before Poly Clinic Hospital have already been issued notices.