Immediately after the removal of the Secretary Water and Power, there was a complete breakdown of electric supply in the country lasting for almost two days. Obviously, the secretary was treading a tightrope and under her the Wapda officials were hard pressed to work honestly and efficiently but as soon as she left the workers let go of everything causing a crash.

It was evident that the outgoing secretary was an honest and hard working person as a wave of jubilation was witnessed among the Wapda officials, most of whom were seen dancing with joy and distributing sweets, in celebration of her departure. In cities like Muzaffargarh, loadshedding skyrocketed to 18 hours a day and the theft of fuel from generation units rose to thousands of tons per day. This phenomenon definitely proves that in any country if the top management is honest and efficient everything can work properly. The example of US stands out prominently in history. When the settlers first came there in 17th century, the entire North America was a completely desolate land, then capital was provided by England and the early Americans acted as managers and entrepreneurs. They turned that place into the best developed and richest country in the world. We have got to have honest and patriotic top leadership if we want to survive as a nation with honour.


Muzaffargarh, February 25.