KARACHI – To ensure an alternate water source for the city, Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) Managing Director Misbahuddin Farid has requested the Irrigation Department to restore the water supply from Haleji Lake through Jaam Branch.

He made the request after a visit to Haleji Lake along with Deputy Managing Director Technical Services Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, Deputy Managing Director Planning Mashkoor ul Hasnain, Chief Engineer Bulk Zafar Palejo and other concerned officers.

Later on, the KWSB MD said that water was being supplied to Karachi through one source Kenjhar Lake and now efforts were being made to establish alternate sources so that swift supply to the citizens could be ensured throughout the city especially in summer.

“To bring down the pressure on the Kenjhar source, we have requested Irrigation Department to restore water supply to Haleji Lake which has been disconnected for past many years,” he said.

Further he said that Haleji Lake should be supplied with water from the KWSB Jaam Branch RD54 reservoir and an ACQUDIT, which was pending due to technical difficulties, must be completed as soon as possible to restore the supply.

The KWSB MD also directed the Technical Services DMD to improve the performance of Bulk Pumping Stations and increase their supply limit to ensure better supply as increasing the water pumping limit of these stations would result in provision of additional water to the citizens.

He said that officers of the KWSB consider provision of water to more than 20 million citizens of Karachi their moral and religious duty as well but during the during the summers, when water consumption increases many fold, The KWSB faces great difficulty to provide ample water supply to citizens.

To overcome this problem, he said, the KWSB was striving to establish alternate water sources and hoped that, with additional supply from Haleji Lake, citizens of Karachi would not face any water shortage during upcoming summer.