LAHORE – Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Syed Munawar Hasan has condemned a Bangladesh court verdict awarding death sentence to religious scholar and JI leader Maulana Dilawar Husain Saeedi.

In a statement issued Thursday, the JI chief warned that this could plunge Bangladesh into a civil war. He urged the Pakistan government not to keep silent on the issue as the accused along with other opposition leaders were being tried for showing their loyalty to Pakistan and had actually been opposing the break up of the country.

Hasan also urged the International Human Rights Commission and the Amnesty International take notice of the glaring human rights violations in Bangladesh. He said the Dhaka Special Tribunal had convicted Maulana Dilawar on the basis of 42 years old events as the Awami League government in BD was bent upon vendetta.

He said during the trial that had continued for about two years, not a single charge against Maulana Dilawar had been proved and the tribunal chief Justice Nizamul Haq had admitted that he was under political pressure and the trial was a farce. The JI chief said that at present Bangladesh had a pro-India government and India’s hand in the breakup of this country was an established fact.