SADIQABAD - A PPP Sadiqabad office-bearer has expressed his disappointment over the performance of the party’s leaders of tehsil Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan district.

PPP Sanajar Khan president Muhammad Akbar demanded that his party should now award the party ticket to Murtaza Mehmood for the NA-197 constituency, saying that Sadiqabad was the undefeatable fortification of his party. He said that the PPP leaders ignored the tehsil in the last five years and confined themselves to Lahore or Karachi enjoying the rule and forgetting the public of their constituencies.

Therefore, he added, the local people were disappointed with such leaders who visit their constituencies only during elections like the moon of Eid. He said that the performance of Raees Mehboob as the chairman of the National Council for Social Welfare was disappointing. He said that in 2008 elections, the PPP had to lose one seat as his nomination papers were rejected.

However, the party leadership made him chairman of the council.

He urged the party leadership to honour the opinion of the local leaders and workers by awarding party ticket to Murtaza Mehmood. He said that the people of Sadiqabad would never elect turncoats while those defected the PPP would not succeed in reaching the assemblies.