LAHORE - Teachers Front has won the Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA) elections by securing all the seats.

Teachers Front’s Dr Ehsan Sharif defeated his academic group rival on president's seat Dr Khalid Mahmood with 303-193 score, Dr Abid deafeated Rana Majid on vice president (arts) seat with 318-253 score, Dr Faheem Aftab defeated Ismat ullah on vice president science) seat with 315-254 score, Javed Sami defeated Iftikhar Tarrar with 362-172 score, Farhan Chaudhry defeated Dr Nadeem Sheikh with 325-188 score, Dr Hafiz Muqeet defeated Sanaullah on treasure seat with 405-158 score.

In executive committee, Maleeha Azmi Agha and Sardar Asghar were elected members (Old Campus) by getting 405 and 331 votes respectively while Amna Umer Cheema, Dr Nayyab Jabbar, Sonia Umer, Dr Amir Hashmi and Mudassar Azam were elected members (New Campus) by getting 352, 365, 349, 339 and 342 respectively.