Apparently the documents appeared in the press few weeks back seem to be authentic that Burmese government is pursuing persecution of Rohingya Muslims as a state policy. Otherwise how come it may order to suspend the operation of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the violence-hit Rakhine state. MSF has been running largest healthcare operation in its history by treating tens of thousands of Rohingya people fleeing violence, being displaced and deported not only from every corner of Rakhine but from neighboring Bangladesh and Thailand. As a state policy Rohingyas are not getting treatment in government-run hospital and clinics. Burmese government might have felt anguish on the MSF position on the latest massacre of Rohingyas near Bangladesh border. MSF statement on massacre is based on facts when it treated scores of injured escaping violence hit areas.

It’s like if you don’t like the message, then shoot the messenger; instead of taking action against those responsible for the massacre, government chose to shut up those who reported or treated the victims.

One wonders where is the opposition leader — Aung San Suvkyi? Perhaps she has forgotten that the whole world stood united in her struggle against military dictatorship — now she is just a politician not willing to lose Buddhist votes by condemning ongoing violence against Rohingyas. In such case, whether we like or not, one would look towards the West to put aside its business interests in an opening up Burmese market, and stand with the oppressed by putting up economical pressure, to force the government mend the way it’s treating minorities.

Yes, the UN has declared  Rohingyas  as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world, but then what —- statements won’t help the victims.

Masood Khan

 Jubail Saudi Arab February 28, 2014