KARACHI - MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said he did not demanded martial law and his demand of Army take-over was projected in wrong context.

Addressing the MQM’s Labour Division 27th convention via telephone at Lal Qila ground Azizabad here on Friday, he said that he did not demand Marshal Law.

“I always oppose dictatorship. I was flogged and imprisoned for nine months in Ziaul Haq’s era but did not surrendered or made any deal. The champions of democracy were not aware of its true meaning.”

He questioned should we hand over the country to Taliban those were slaughtering the Army personnel and carrying out attacks across the country.  He said the democracy means for the people, by the people and of the people but in Pakistan, it was only a few families which were running the state matters.

MQM chief directed the workers to be mentally prepared and ready to fight against the Taliban as they would not let the terrorists rule the country. The MQM chief expressed immense support to the Army and the law enforcement agencies. He said for the wrongdoings of few officers, the entire institution cannot be blamed. He said the country was facing isolation. Altaf lashed out at those criticising him for his statements regarding the Army’s take over.

Taliban are governing various parts of Karachi. Law enforcers, including the police and the Rangers were being attacked by the terrorists across the City, he added. Condemning the recent killing of MQM workers, he said ‘conspiracies’ were being hatched against the MQM workers. He said the sacrifices of Labour Division would not go in waste. The family politics, corruption, status quo would be eliminated, he said. He demanded the government to arrest the killers of their two workers.

Regarding the Sufi Conference which the party is organising in Lahore on March 9, he appealed to the traders to give donations in order to make the conference successful.