LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that deep-rooted friendly relations between Pakistan and China are of historical significance and strengthening with the passage of time. He said that Pakistan highly values its relationship with China and contacts with Chinese leadership at every level are resulting in promotion of sentiments of goodwill between the two countries. He said that during his recent visit to China, in the company of President of Pakistan, Chinese government and various companies promised capital of $20 billion for energy sector for ridding the people of Pakistan of load-shedding whereas China announced an overall economic package of $30 billion which would be the biggest foreign investment in the history of Pakistan. 

He was talking to assembly members of various districts who met him, here on Friday. The Chief Minister informed the parliamentarians that the government of Pakistan Muslim League-N led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is evolving solid policies for the progress and development of the country which would yield far-reaching results. He said that his recent visit to China was a part of this programme and would play an important role in changing friendly relations between China and Pakistan into strategic contacts.

He said that an important aspect of the visit was the historic agreement signed between China and Pakistan in Beijing under which China would invest billions of dollars in Pakistan. He said that investment of Chinese companies in Pakistan is being welcomed for promoting mutual trade and the government is creating such an atmosphere which would help explore new avenues of trade cooperation. The Chief Minister said that people of Pakistan and China have deep sentiments of love and respect for each others and huge investment by China in Pakistan is a proof of the confidence of Chinese government in Pakistani leadership. He said that Chinese leadership knows well that such a government is in power in Pakistan that believes in practical work and is totally committed to service of the people. He said that besides energy sector, progress has also been made in acquiring cooperation of Chinese government and investors in transport and infrastructure sectors. Shahbaz Sharif said that he is deeply grateful to the government and people of China for giving him and his delegation maximum hospitality. He said that present government is striving to produce low-cost electricity and paying special attention to the project of power generation from coal as its cost of production is less than thermal power. Shahbaz Sharif said that controlling of energy crisis is essential for promotion of trade and economic activities as well as stability of national economy.

Assembly members congratulated Chief Minister on his successful visit to China and said that the historic investment package of China would result in rapid economic development in Pakistan.