Dear Mr. Prime Minister and Patron in Chief Pakistan Cricket Board for all Pakistan, February 21, 2015 will be remembered as the day when the last nail was hammered in the coffin of the Pakistan cricket, right under your eyes. As compared to the strong Indian cricket team, a lower ranked West Indian cricket team beat Pakistan by 150 runs also. We batted 47 over’s vs India; and only 39 over’s vs the West Indian team. Mr. Prime Minister, more than the defeat, the sudden dip of standard of our team, against an ordinary teams was alarming.

However, I believe that it is not our players who are responsible for this debacles but the management of PCB, as the major responsibility of this rotten state of affair lies with the tour management committee, consisting of the Head Coach, Chief Selector, Manager and the Captain. This decline was bound to happen, with a team whose entire management is filled with nincompoop and thoroughly incompetent people. However, we should never forget the fact that Pakistan has immense cricketing talent, which if properly harnessed and given the right guidance, with policy of merit and merit alone, can easily win all international competitions.

The nation earnestly appeals to you to kindly reconcile with the fact that our cricket team’s performance has touched the lowest ebb. The fact that you personally handed over the reins of PCB to Najam Sethi, has not only back fired but has resulted in irreparable damage to the country’s image, reputation and prestige, that too in an unprecedented manner. It would be in the best interest of the nation to order immediate dissolution of the PCB and its entire governing board and replace them with a person whose aim is that we should win! I would like to say that it’s not too late and a positive action now is better than no-action.


Lahore, February 22.