This session was all about Pakistan and Afghanistan misconceptions.

Ahmed Rashid said, we are here for not negative but for a positive talk. This is the moment to take the positive effects, where is the situation of Kabul? I think it’s hard to imagine stability in the region without Afghanistan’s settlement. It is becoming important nowadays, because of China and India but we cannot forget the correperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan which has to be improved to resolve the conflict Between Afghan Taliban and the Government. 

Barnett Rubin was of the view that international interest in a peaceful and stable Afghanistan was increasing because of possible economic incentive in the area. He said for instant, opportunities have opened up as a policy change and was investing outside the country in infra structure and therefore was more interested in Afghans affair.

We want one thing that is direct talk with the Taliban’s leaders in Pakistan. Most of the Taliban live in Pakistan. Their families are brought up in Pakistan. We are domestically having pressure of them. If Ghani was not the president, Pakistan would be facing ten times harsher consequences. Pakistan needs to break the dependency on Afghan Taliban. If the military breaks the links with Taliban then we can see a positive change.

On this occasion Aziz said: I think that afghan Taliban have a mind of their own. Mulla omer leadership is a firm and central. Mulla omer was an important factor for the Taliban’s. He must be the leader of Taliban otherwise the Taliban would be shattered. The signal Afghan people have given in the election was clear, they would not comprise anymore. My own personal perception is china has played a vital role with Afghanistan. China did direct negotiation with Taliban but it wasn’t highlighted.