LAHORE - The Pakistan Poultry Association, in a letter written simultaneously to Punjab chief minister and secretary livestock, has appealed for an immediate relief package to save the farmers, proposing the government to suspend recovery of all taxes of local, provincial and federal at least for one year.

PPA North Zone Chairman Dr Mustafa Kamal suggested that all the loans of poultry should be rescheduled by the banks and recovery should be deferred for 2 years. New loans should be given on soft terms while 50% rebate should be given on electricity bills for one year. He said that cash compensation should be given to the farmers according to following Proposed formula:

Rs 35 per kg to the broiler farmers for all the broiler produced in 2014 and 2015. Rs 5 per chick to all day old chick producing hatcheries for last one year. Rs 20 per dozen of eggs produced. Import duty on feed ingredients like soybean should be withdrawn. Sales tax on soybean meal import be withdrawn. Sales tax on electricity bills be withdrawn. 75% rebate on freight for export and 20% export subsidy should be issued.

Dr Kamal said that these few measures can help the poultry farmers to continue their business, adding that few more such months can cause irreversible losses. We request the Chief Minister of Punjab to take personal interest and help the farmers.

The letter further said that poultry sector is serving the nation by supplying quality animal protein in the shape of Chicken meat and eggs. Chicken meat is 40% of the total meat consumed in Pakistan. Pakistanis consume 60 eggs per capita per year. Due to the favourable govt policies and dedicated hard work of the farmers in the past the sector has been growing at around 10% per annum .Recently political unrest caused by Dharna politics has destroyed the whole system of marketing and has resulted in to a big gap between demand and supply. Chicken meat and eggs are perishable commodities and could not sustain the pressure of market forces resulting into crash of prices in this sector. Farmers have lost heavily during last one year. Most of the farmers have lost their entire working capital and are at the verge of bankcruptcy. If any relief package is not given to the farmers at this stage it will result in to the closure of 40 to 50% of the farms. Inevitably this will result into shortage and high prices of these food items.