ISLAMABAD - Dr Shireen Mazari, Central Information Secretary PTI, Saturday expressed surprise over the revelation that the government was picking up the luxury tab for ex-CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry for fuel and maintenance costs of a 6,000 cc bullet proof car in addition to the normal entitlements he is getting as ex-CJ.

As a result, the government was sent a repair bill of Rs3.3 million for the ex-CJ’s Mercedes Benz as well as a fuel bill for 4,689 litres of petrol.

Mazari said given the economic crunch being faced by Pakistan it was shameful to see a retired CJ demands these extra freebies in addition to the substantive entitlements he was already receiving.

She demanded the government explain why this ex-CJ was receiving these extra retirement benefits. Was it for some special electoral services he may have rendered in the 2013 May General Elections?