The FBR put on ECL terrorists involved in Baldia Town massacre and many tax evaders only after their departure from Pakistan, which was facilitated by those who wield power. Where else in the world is it accepted that elected and paid ruling elite, defiantly indulge in perjury, false declaration of assets, massive tax evasion and openly be involved in land mafia scams, yet be eligible to hold public offices of importance, deciding fate and destiny of the nation?

How can anybody expect FBR to collect taxes, when it is involved in fraudulent criminal practices which are not acceptable anywhere in a civilised world. Can anybody imagine fate of such officials in USA, India, Europe or even Malaysia, if they had taken advance payments from commercial banks to bridge tax deficit collection only to return back with interest of over Rs 12 billion. We claim to be a country where all laws have to be in conformity with Quran, but in practice what we witness is hypocrisy, abuse of powers, injustices, exploitation, adulterated food and medicines and laws becoming slave to whims of criminals.

The biggest land mafia don is projected and praised as a philanthropist, who is an up-turned Robin Hood of sorts, who robs the poor and lavishly favours of the elite and criminals of this country. The former retired General Musharraf in a recent interview with a foreign newspaper stated that he created and armed the ‘Taliban’ to fight their proxy war, a narrative which India, Israel and all other anti Pakistan lobbies have been accusing us of, although our stated and factual stance is that the America and its allies, with connivance of Zia ul Haq funded and created this phenomenon, to fight against Soviet Union in Afghanistan. No wonder this man is a favourite choice of anti-Islamic lobbies and is amply rewarded for lectures delivered in America etc, because he says what is music to their ear.


Lahore, February 23.