ISLAMABAD - A three-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja will take up the review petition of General Aslam Beg against Asghar Khan case judgement on March 4.

Former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on October 19, 2012 had delivered the judgement, which stated ISI, MI or any other agency like IB has no role to play in the political affairs of the country such as formation or destabilisation of the government, or interfere in the holding of honest, free and fair elections by Election Commission of Pakistan.

“Involvement of the officers/members of secret agencies i.e. ISI, MI, IB, etc. in unlawful activities, individually or collectively calls for strict action being, violative of oath of their offices, and if involved, they are liable to be dealt with under the constitution and the law.” Any election cell /political cell in presidency or ISI or MI or within their formations shall be abolished immediately and any letter/notification to the extent of creating any such cell/department (by any name whatsoever, explained herein, shall stand cancelled forthwith.

The judgement also stated late Ghulam Ishaq Khan, the then President of Pakistan, General (Retd) Aslam Baig and General (Retd) Asad Durrani acted in violation of the constitution by facilitating a group of politicians and political parties, etc., to ensure their success against the rival candidates in the general election of 1990, for which they secured funds from Younas Habib.

“Their acts have brought a bad name to Pakistan and its armed forces as well as secret agencies in the eyes of the nation, therefore, notwithstanding that they may have retired from service, the federal government shall take necessary steps under the constitution and law against them.”

The judgement ordered legal proceedings shall be initiated against the politicians, who allegedly have received donations to spend on election campaigns in the general election of 1990, therefore, transparent investigation on the criminal side shall be initiated by the FIA against all of them and if sufficient evidence is collected, they shall be sent up to face the trial, according to law. Younas Habib shall also be dealt with in the same manner. Neither the PPP nor the PML-N government implemented the judgment so far.