The 747th Urs of Sufi saint Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari Surukhposh (RA) started at Uch Sharif and will continue for two days.

Sajjada Nasheen Makhdoom Syed Zammurud Hussein Bukhari arrived at the shrine in a big procession of his followers. He recited the Holy Quran and lightened the lamp to formally inaugurate the two-day ceremonies of Urs.

He, along with a large number of devotees, performed Ghusal of the shrine with five maund of rose water. Through the lamp-lightening custom, he called the followers towards the ever-shining way of Islam. He said that his forefather Makhdoom Syed Jalalud Din Bukhari (RA) preached the message of Islam to Chengiz Khan, who became very furious and threw the saint into fire. But by the grace of Almighty Allah the fire turned into a garden of roses. Makhdoom stood smiling with flames all around him. The barbaric Tartars were stunned and their leader Chengiz Khan embraced Islam at that very moment, he said.

Sajjad Nasheen further stated that Makhdoom Syed Jalaluddin Surkhposh migrated to the Subcontinent from Bukhara in the reign of slave dynasty. He arrived in Uch Sharif 796 years ago and died in 690 Hihri. The great saint moved to Subcontinent to preach and promote Islam. The great saints of his era were Hazrat Ghous Bahawal Haq Zakariya Multani, Hazrat Khawaja Fareeduddin Ganj Shakar and Shahbaz Qalandar.

He said that the shrine is a source of blessing for the people of the South Punjab as well as the whole country. He said that Hazrat Jalaluddin (RA) and other saints gave the message of Islam to several generations of people of the Subcontinent. He urged the Ulema to shun their differences in the larger interest of Muslim Ummah so the nefarious designs of anti-Islam forces could be foiled.

Foolproof security arrangements were made. Mehfil-e-Naat was also held on the occasion in which Maulana Shamasul Haq, Muzzafar Hussein, Aamar Nawaz Tohfa and others recited Naats. Maulana Habeebur Rehman was also present.