Some dreadful days in the history of nations come but later these days become very glorious and remarkable and always remain shining in the hearts of people; Defence Day is one of them. Defence Day was a critical day when our inmate enemy India attacked Pakistan cowardly during the late hours of 6th September 1965. It was the second biggest and intense war fought between the two countries before that in 1948 Pakistan-India confronted each other on the Kashmir dispute.

Today Defence Day is celebrated throughout country with zeal and enthusiasm in the memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for defending our beloved Pakistan and secondly, to enhance the spirit of patriotism in the people of Pakistan. Pakistan Army exhibit their power by displaying missiles, tanks, helicopter and other armament in the big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi in order to project country’s defence in safe hands. Television programs like national song, special documentaries on martyred of September 6th are also displayed on TV; giving lesson the whole nation especially for youth; who are the future of Pakistan.

The story is that India never accepted the Pakistan as a separate nation since its independence and never missed an opportunity to damage Pakistan. Same happened in the mid-night of September 6, 1965 when India waged a war against Pakistan and attacked  some areas in Lahore and Sialkot at a time. India thought that Pakistan Army would be sleeping and we will attack them silently, after occupy Lahore, we will take tea in a bar of Lahore. But they were not aware that Lions are lions either they are sleeping or wandering. Pakistan Army is one of the great armies in the world.

In this way an aggressive war started between Pakistan and India. Tiger of Pakistan dispersed the Indian Army. Opponents were being horrified and had to surrender before our military. Pakistan Army killed hundreds of Indian soldiers and destroyed their aircrafts. MM Alam a great soldier of Pakistan Air Force will always be remembered in the history who made an undefeatable record by crushing five Indian aircrafts in less then one minute.

A dreadful war started in Chonda, a territory of Sialkot, where a 2nd biggest tank war after World War 2 was fought and Pakistani soliders blew Indian tanks by tying up bombs with their chests. Pakistan Army was capturing the Indian Territory day by day. India had become totally horrified and mad and rushed to the United Nations(UN) to stop the war. So in this way, war stopped by the intervention of UN.

This war continued for 17 days in which Pakistan destroyed Indian’s tanks, helicopters, and thousands of Indian soldiers. Pakistan Army defeated five times huge Indian Army and gave a message to the world that Pakistan is an invincible state.

There were many national heroes who fought with full zeal, enthusiasm and eiman like Captain Safdar, Major Tufail, Major Raja Aziz bhati, Major Shabir Shareef, Major Muhammad Akram, Lance Naik Muhammad and Hawaldar Lalak Jan with exceptional bravery and sacrificed their lives and they were awarded with Nishan Haider. Not just Pakistan Army fought with India but the whole nation of Pakistan had also equally fought. People of Pakistan especially Lahore and Sialkot proved their worth by giving their blood.

Every Pakistani should always be ready to face any such critical situation especially our youth, who are the future of Pakistan and never forget the sacrifices of our elders. Pakistan won the war of September 1965 following the real spirit of Eiman and national harmony. Same spirit of nationalism is required today because Pakistan is passing through critical times. We should not split into sects either are religious, sectarian, linguistic or regional. We should be one. Unity is power and we should stand beside Pakistan Army in ordert to protect our country and strengthen our federation.

Published in Young Nation magazine on 05-Sep-2015