This is in response to A glimpse into the gutter, by Gul Bukhari in the Nation (28th February). Before I begin to comment, let me quote a small paragraph from her article. She writes: ‘Curiously, the Jamat-e-Islami clerics while criticising the bill exhorted the government for not having consulted the Council of Islamic Ideology (which I have written about in the past as the Council of Insanity and Idiocy – a body of sex crazed octogenarian men) and ‘scholars of Islam’ (read sex and power crazed mullas).’

While I disagree strongly with most of the contents of the article, I particularly restrict myself to the epithets, words, and disparaging remarks about Islamic scholars, Maulanas. They are contemptuously called ‘mullahs’ in the whole write-up. This clearly shows her contempt and hatred for Maulanas. What is more annoying is that the abbreviation of CII, the Council of Islamic Ideology is called ‘ the Council of Insanity and Idiocy’. The honorable members of the CII are called ‘a body of sex-crazed octogenarian men). She further writes that these ‘scholars of Islam’ be read ‘sex and power-crazed mullas’.

I ask from this female learned writer as to how many of the members of the CII are octogenarians? They are surly not. Is there any evidence with her for that? We would like to know but there is not; otherwise readers would have known about that. I hope such baseless allegations, just for the pleasure of the enemies of Pakistan, and Islam, would harm the image of Pakistan.

Would the editorial board of the Nawai-e -Waqt publish the Urdu version of this article of the learned writer? I am afraid not.


Charsadda, February 29.