Federal government has kindly facilitated pensioners to receive pension through banks. Now, a new system of automatic transfer of pension to the bank accounts is being introduced. This system is commendable but the procedure specified for the pensioners, including disabled, is complex and cumbersome, such as attestation of photos, CNIC, life certificate, indemnity bond, etc. by gazetted officers.

How some million pensioners of all status everywhere will find gazetted officers willing to verify and sign all these documents is beyond my imagination ? High time to trust each other, and minimise and simplify procedures to make life easier for everyone.

I appeal to the worthy government to kindly accept existing credentials of the pensioners maintained by the concerned departments, trust most pensioners, introduce the new system, and let the bankers enter pension received in pension book and certify life as in practice for some years. Any violator of the trust can be prosecuted.


Rawalpindi, February 6.