MULTAN - Agriculture experts have advised farmers to avoid pesticides application and opt for biological means to kill enemy pests of wheat crop.

In a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said that the enemy pests including Jassid and Aphid suck juice from different parts of the wheat plants that leave the plant and the grain weak. In case of intense attack, leaf turns yellow with brown fungus and size of grain shortens.They weaken the plants’ capability to form food for itself.

The agriculture spokesman said that friendly pests including lady beetle, Chrysopa, spider and Surfed fly feed on enemy pests like Aphid and farmers should release these wheat friendly parasite pests in case of noticing presence of Aphid or its pupae to eliminate or reduce its population.

These friendly pests eat at least 100 Brown Plant Hopper popularly known as Kala Tela in a day and speedily increase their population through reproduction.

Experts also laid stress on elimination of weeds pleading that weeds often serve as habitat for the enemy pests and share resources with the wheat crop. Farmers should remove weeds and bury the pest-affected plants.

They said that farmers should avoid applying pesticides as it kills friendly pests along with the enemy pests and thus disturb the ecosystem.