KAMALIA - Kissan Package is just a lollipop for the farmers as the growers are not even getting cost of their produce.

Former Education Minister Punjab Riaz Fatyana maintained that the farmers have crushed economically due to the losses inflicted by the fifth successive wheat crops, solely attributing it to the anti-farmers policy of the PML-N govt. He said that due to anti-farmers policies of the government, the growers have been facing losses and agriculture economy has completely destroyed.

He said that the farmers are forced to buy fertilizers and pesticides at exorbitant rates.

He demanded the government to abandon its anti-farmers policies. "The government is pushing the farmers to a kamikaze situation," he lamented, adding that the middlemen are exploiting them openly. Recently middlemen bought rice crop at price of Rs800 and sold at Rs1,600 per 40kg, he claimed He regretted that the government did not understand the vital linkage between the development of agriculture and development of the country.

The development of agriculture means prosperity of the two-thirds population of the country because its livelihood depends on agriculture directly or indirectly, he observed. Former City Youth Wing President Irfan Chaudhry, political secretary Rai Abid Marth and Muhammad Murtaza Khan were also present on the occasion.