Los Angeles

All eyes may be on the glamorous gowns on the Oscar’s red carpet , but the real bang is in the bling. Both pop star Lady Gaga, 29, and Priyanka Chopra, 33, were wearing enough impressive jewels to buy a small suburban neighborhood as they hit the red carpet on Sunday at the 88th Annual Academy Awards.

Lady Gaga has been continuing her love affair with classic Hollywood glamour on the red carpet once more with a wavy Marilyn-style long blonde bob and a white strapless jumpsuit and over skirt.

However, it was her Lorraine Schwartz diamonds that really kicked things up a notch, with her dangling earrings totaling an eye-watering $8 million in cost. The emerald cut diamond drop earrings total 90 carats with the top portions being 30 carats and the bottoms 60. The American Horror Story actress showed off her impressive jewels with a soft wave that tucked behind her left ear. The star also took the hand of her husband-to-be Taylor Kinney, 34, while showing off the stunning heart-shaped engagement ring he gave her last year.

Former Miss World Priyanka may have drawn the eye with her transparent lace white gown, but the real glitz and glamour was hanging from her ears and fingers - costing a total of just under $8 million. The India native was wearing Lorraine Schwartz jewels including 50 carat diamond front back earrings that cost an incredible $3.2 million.

On her hands, she sported a 22 carat diamond ring worth $3.4 million alongside a 10 carat diamond pinky ring worth $850,000 as well as an 8 carat diamond bypass ring costing $300,000. Other celebs dripping in Lorraine Schwartz diamonds include supermodel Heidi Klum who wore 20 carat white and pink diamond pave triangle studs to accent her lilac-coloured gown. She also donned several diamond rings including a pinkish Golconda 20 carat ring, a 12 carat ring, and a 16 carat ring - totaling 67 carats of diamonds and around $2.5 million - the latter of which she showed off on Instagram before hitting the red carpet .

In $2.8 million in jewels was Chrissy Teigen, who showed off her burgeoning baby bump in style on Sunday. Aside from 20 carat champagne diamond studs, she also wore a 30 carat champagne diamond ring and another champagne diamond ring at 12 carats. Sofia Vergara also drew from the wares of Lorraine Schwartz, but opted for stunning 65 carat sapphires alongside diamonds in her vine earrings and also a 15 carat sapphire and diamond ring.

Inside Out wins best animated film award



The adventure comedy “Inside Out” from Walt Disney’s Pixar studio won the Oscar on Sunday for best animated feature film.

The film by Pixar, which made “Toy Story” nearly two decades ago and “Up” in 2009, is set in the mind of a young girl Riley, where the emotions of Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness conflict over how best to navigate her family’s move to San Francisco.

The film, which includes the voice of American comedian Amy Poehler as the emotion of Joy, was directed by Pete Docter, who collects his second best animation Oscar after triumphing with “Up” five years ago. “This film was really born from watching our kids grow up which is not easy,” Docter said on stage.

“Anyone out there who is in junior high, high school, working it out, suffering, there are days you are going to feel sad, you are going to feel angry, that’s nothing you can choose. But you can make stuff - make films, draw, write, it will make a world of difference,” Docter added.

“Inside Out”, which had already won several awards including a Golden Globe, is a coming-of-age tale about the turmoil inside a girl’s head that Docter first conceived in 2009 after observing his own daughter entering into young adulthood.

Facets of Riley’s personality, including her relations with her mother and father and interactions with friends, or her love for playing ice hockey, resemble amusement park attractions. The film’s directors consulted several psychologists as they developed the project.