ISLAMABAD - Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada is least bothered about seeking report from Pakistan Sports Board Director General Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera regarding worst performance of Pakistani athletes in the 12th South Asian Games held in Guwahati and Shillong, India.

It was hoped the IPC minister would finally wake up from deep slump and seek explanation from Ganjera, who violated government instructions, travel to India through road, managed to take an army of his blue-eyed persons, especially M Fayaaz, who is an assistant at PSB medical centre, but travelled to India as an admin official, swimming pool daily wager Shabana Yasir. On the other hand, a number of players, coaches and deserving persons, who could have played key-role in helping Pakistan win laurels in India, were left high and dry.

Despite winning only 12 gold medals, 7 less than 2010 Dhaka South Asian Games, the IPC Minister termed it was remarkable performance. The minister blindly relies on the PSB DG’s information, rather than checking with independent sources.

Chef-de-mission Olympian Isalhuddin Siddiqui also submitted his report and according to him, Pakistan did a fantastic job in 12th South Asian Games and won 106 medals, while Pakistan had won 80 medals in 2010 SAG. Instead Islah should have also mentioned in his report that Pakistan finished a poor third in overall standings and national athletes failed to win five less gold medals. It was Islah’s moral and national duty to also mention report about what was joy-riders doing in India and how they plundered with national wealth and that too with both hands and enjoy joy-rides to different cities on national exchequer.

Ganjera not only enjoyed perks and privileges along with huge TA/DA, but also passed on the benefits to his close aide Dr Waqar and others. Official vehicle of the PSB, which is under Ganjera’s personal use, was moved to Lahore a day earlier and Ganjera along with Dr Waqar reached Islamabad through official vehicle.

Why the IPC minister is reluctant to take action and why is he keeping a mum on sorry state of affairs in the PSB, where one-man show is continuing unabated, employees are living in hell, while Ganjera is occupying five-kanal residence inside the PSB premises, which was meant for women hostel. To make things even more interesting, not only Ganjera and his family but his near and dear relatives are also utilising this residence.

Senior hockey team camp was moved to Islamabad where they were ordered to stay at Allama Iqbal hostel, which was closed for renovation/maintenance work for several months. The players were shifted to the hostel, which presents a shambles look, bathrooms are filthy, roofs are leaking from different parts and there is complete mess all around Allama Iqbal hostel. Now senior women hockey championship also started here at Naseer Bunda Stadium and females from different parts of the country reached the city to partake in the event.

According to Ganjera’s claims, around Rs 200 million were spent on renovation/maintenance work, but nothing on ground was witnessed. Already too much time had been wasted and Ganjera had been given too much liberty. There are shocking reports about irregularities while genuine staffers are waiting for years to get more than overdue promotions, but they were sidelined and blue-eyed persons were given important assignments to hide actual facts. The PSB is already over staffed, but under the table hiring is being done. A number of PSB employees are performing duties at officers’ residences rather than at the PSB.

The only ray of hope for the PSB employees rest on the shoulders of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, as the IPC minister is not in a mood to take action against his blue-eyed PSB DG. It is hoped that the PM will form a high-level probe commission and action on their findings will be initiated so no one in future may even dare to repeat such things.