The Jammu & Kashmir Intellectual Forum (JKIF), a non-political entity, said that the increasing influence of the Pakistani political parties in Azad Jammu & Kashmir could harm the status of Kashmir state and its relationship with Pakistan.

The JKIF Executive Council expressed these views in its quarterly meeting held in Mirpur under the presidentship of its Chairman Abdul Majeed Mallick. It discussed the current regional, national and global affairs in the backdrop of the Kashmir conflict and internal political affairs of AJK.

The executive council members including Justice (r) Hussain Mazher Kaleem, Secretary General of the Forum Altaf Hamid Rao, former member of AJK Council Suleman Advocate, PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) AJK Chapter President Munir Hussain Advocate, Retired Secretary Information of AJK government Shoukat Majeed Mallick, Fiyaz Hussain Advocate, Kabir Qureshi, Advocate Arshad and Chairman of the Glasgow-based Human Rights Commission Shoaib Khokher attended the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, JKIF chairman said that latest political developments in AJK envisaging induction of various political parties of Pakistan in Azad Jammu & Kashmir on the pattern of induction of Indian political parties in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir have raised serious apprehensions. He added that in disguised manner, Pakistan and India were discreetly moving towards the division of the Jammu & Kashmir state.

"Thus, in view of the such situation, the concerned political leadership on both the sides of the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir are of the view that in order to shed fears and apprehensions, Pakistan must advise its entire political leadership to keep away from the internal power politics of AJK," Mallick said.

He maintained that past intervention and jumping of various national political parties of Pakistan in AJK's power politics as well as recent visits of various federal ministers and the heads of various political parties of Pakistan to AJK have left deep scars of disliking division and violence on the political horizon of AJK.

"Be that as it may, since the hearts of the people of Pakistan and Kashmir beat in unison, the fact remain the deep-rooted love and affection-based relations between Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir State as a whole, cannot afford disaster in their heart-felt and deep-rooted brotherhood and affinity," he added.

He said that it was high time to discourage intervention on the Pakistan's policies as use of its resources and influence in gaining power in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. "At least Pakistani leadership and the national political parties are in no need of political support in AJK," he said.

"Time is wise to reflect that past errors, omissions and commissions in political policies towards Jammu & Kashmir are averted and not repeated in the best interest of the trust-worthy deep relationship between the people of Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan," he added.

He said, "Since Pakistan always stands on quite different instance towards the Jammu & Kashmir State, it (Pakistan) should always avoid the political attitude of India towards Kashmir."