Feb. 29 – at last justice was served though after 5 years but from Pakistan’ perspective it’s not a long period. Heated debate continued all these 5 years polarizing the society as Mumtaz Qadri’ (MQ) supporters kept justifying his heinous crime. At last Supreme Court came to rescue the country by calling a spade a spade. MQ might have gone, but all those who supported his cause are very much around us; who will charge them? Who will charge the so-called religious leaders involved in brain washing of MQ, what about those prominent Urdu columnists/ opinion makers who openly justified Salman Taseer murder, all those who took out huge rallies in MQ support, what about those lawyers who garlanded MQ and thrashed the ATC judge office, those criminals who threatened the ATC judge forcing him to flee the country? What MQ did was an issue of mindset —- unless we address the root cause, another MQ would be in the making. It’s same mindset which converts a young boy into a walking-bomb. Government needs to ensure MQ’ burial and his grave shall not become a rallying point for extremists.

One look forward for a peaceful Pakistan letting everyone to live his/ her own life.


Saudi Arab, February 29.