By Seerat Fatima

As we all are familiar with the rapid change in technology during the past few years, this change of technology also creates a big time replacement of a number of trends. There is an old trend of making pictures. In early times, there are box like cameras operated by specially trained people. Family as a whole made special preparations (even they went to beauty parlours hahah) and on a decided day, pictures were taken. Then the era of famous Kodak cameras came. Later on, it was replaced by digital cameras and then with the passage of time, in present era, there are cameras in everyone’s hand. Android cell phones were introduced few years back and there are front cameras in them. Such technology replacement give birth to the trend of selfies. Now girls don’t ask their moms that how are they looking? Instead they take a selfie and upload it on the social media website and then ask the world HOW AM I LOOKING?

In family get togethers, people do not have any time to talk to each other because everyone’s busy in taking selfies (a sad reality). In schools, colleges and universities, instead of making notes, students are busy in taking selfies (and then blame teachers for their credibility). If you are walking on a road and see a group of people making stupid faces and doing strange actions, do not stop and get worried, because they are taking ‘SELFIE’(:p). Selfie sticks, selfie hats, selfie shoes etc. are introduced for making selfie convenient (now you can say it is a comfort for trend :D). Scientists declared selfie as a disease but who cares? Then selfie is modified now a days (as groupsy :D) as you can say people cannot get enough of it. Now, its on you how you take this trend as a disease or a fun.

Published in Young Nation on 29-Aug-2015