After every attack in Pakistan, an armed group claims the responsibility. A question confounds my mind, what ails them to do so? I must put a question to Pak Army and the Prime Minister, that what stops them from taking action against them?

Who is the responsible for the relentless loss, Is it our army, armed groups or our government? A spokesperson of an armed group has accepted the attack plotted at Lahore and threatened saying that it was just a start. While in response to every threat, our government remains silent. If terrorism prevails it will ruin the growing reputation and affect business. This situation needs to be dealt with an iron hand.

The Prime Minister gave his condolences to the families of the deceased, along with the Chief of Army Staff and Chief Minister of Punjab. As is the case with most terror attacks, monetary compensation will be announced for the grieving families but what good is this sympathy and money? Every time something violent happens, our institutions try to suppress the matter and after some time has passed, the people do forget. Is it okay to forego these security slips just because they say that the terrorist will be arrested and punished, or are they just hollow promises?


Sukkur, February 16.