There was a horrific suicide attack on Mall Road, Lahore on Monday evening about 6:00pm. Thirteen people died in this incident including two senior officers of Punjab police. It was a tragedy for the entire country. No doubt forces were ready for such incident because alert was issued by institutions before attack but it was a failure of the security forces. 

Our security forces were relaxed because such attacks had been reduced in recent years. Before this incident Pakistan was convincing the world that now security is not an issue in Pakistan but unfortunately this incident changed the whole scenario. The people of Pakistan were satisfied and were admiring the performance of security forces and government for reducing the terrorism in country. 

Now again questions are rising for the national action plan and other military operations in Pakistan. There are many questions that people are now seeking answers to. Once again, people are at large concerned about the security of themselves and their loved ones. There are many cracks in our system which provides the safe way to escape. No doubt army has controlled the situation very well but still more work is needed to finish this war. 

Modern technology is the need of time, we cannot control terrorists and suicide attacks with old technology and methodology. Pakistan should manufacture or import modern equipment for use against terrorism. We must plan ahead of the enemy and we must increase our capabilities to win this war. 

We have no other option for victory over this enemy. We have courage and enthusiasm for wining this war. We just need proper leadership and direction. We must think about Pakistan and only Pakistan. 


Lahore, February 16.