ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation President Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman will chair the Annual General Council Meeting of the federation today at Air Headquarters. 

Like so many federations, infighting is finally catching the PSF as well and federation must blame themselves for meddling in other provincial affairs due to personal liking and disliking. If the federation had accepted the associations mandate then the situation could have been far different. Firstly they kept on supporting favourite group in Punjab. Then they refused to accept Sindh Squash Association results and used every trick in their pocket to appoint their yes man and things never stopped there. The federation included Tahir Khanzada as vice president last year, which led to the situation getting out of hands. Balochistan Squash Association President Sher Khan Kakar warned them to stop this and remove Khanzada and hold proper elections and threatened to take federation to court.  

But federation never paid any heed to his threats and appointed their man and as a result Kakar send federation stay order he obtained from Civil Judge-III Quetta, barring federation from conducting any AGM.  

Despite repeated attempts made by this scribe to contact PSF Honorary Secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz to seek his view point whether federation will go ahead with proposed meeting or postpone it as formal meeting of federation was scheduled for Tuesday as well, he could not be reached as his both cell numbers remained powered off.  

Whether the meeting takes place or not, it is high time the PSF president must stamp out his authority and stop paying heed to flopped suggestions/recommendations of so-called members. Almost three years of worst performances of Pakistani players are enough to determine the real situation. Pakistan is going down with each passing day with the only exception of Farhan Mehboob, who won two PSA titles and improved his world rankings. But it was purely his passion and hard work and had nothing to do with the federation. It is high time a reputed national coach must be hired and instead of appeasing few certain individuals to keep their mouths shut, the federation must spent the amount on proper coaches rather than part-timer. 

Used bullets, who were super flops in the past and hardly managed to stay for few weeks in USA must be kept away. Already federation wasted too much precious money on M Yasin-type people. They must understand it is tax-payers money and should be well spent. It is hoped that the PSF president will take decision in the best interest of the squash.  

There is need of taking drastic steps to end PSA ban on international events in Pakistan. If proper steps are not being taken, Pakistan might not be able to host a single event in the country and federation’s financial position will never allow them to afford sending even handful of players for the PSA events abroad. The ball is now in president’s court as his action can save the blushes of squash or hopes of squash revival will perish. All the top players are presently in the USA, earning money through coaching at various clubs. This situation is alarming but federation is sleeping. Any further delays in appointment of a proper, reputed coach, who really cares about Pakistan can help country and players.