CM LOS ANGELES - Alicia Vikander felt inspired playing the ‘Tomb Raider’ video games as a child. The 29-year-old actress stars as Lara Croft in the upcoming adventure movie, and Alicia has revealed she was struck by the character’s fearlessness the first time she saw the iconic game on a screen. She recalled: ‘’I did not have a Playstation at home, sadly - but with my family friends, the boys in their family had a Playstation.

‘’I was probably I think around ten-ish when I came there. I remember I looked at the TV screen and I had never seen a girl, a woman being the protagonist in a video game and was thrilled and stood there just watching.’’

In fact, the Swedish actress admitted the first ‘Tomb Raider’ game will always mean a lot to her because it made such a lasting impression.

She told Games Radar: ‘’I would say the first ‘Tomb Raider’ meant a lot, in the sense that I love adventure films, [and here was] a game where I suddenly could go to Egypt, or Atlantis - those were the worlds that I read books about and dreamt to go to when I was a child.

‘’That will always mean a lot, because I was quite young.’’

Meanwhile, Alicia recently admitted that she could ‘’never compete’’ with Angelina Jolie when it comes to playing Lara Croft in the ‘Tomb Raider’ reboot.

Alicia insisted she isn’t trying to ‘’copy’’ the 42-year-old beauty’s portrayal of the iconic character, who she played in two movies in 2001 and 2003.

She said: ‘’I could never compete with what Angelina did. She made her into an icon because she is an icon.

‘’But this is our different interpretation, we’re focused on the reboot of the game which came out a few years ago.

‘’It’s the origin story - we’re not trying to copy or reinvent what she did.’’