I can clearly remember that time when my sister was born. I can still visualise the moments when I was she was first handed over to me. I was saturated with joy and amusement. She was a blessing for me. I felt as are all of the worlds blessings have been gathered in my arms. My face depicted all my emotions at its best. I held her in my arms and started running in hallway, introducing her to everyone I knew.

Emotions are temporary outbursts for the ongoing mood and feeling a person is possessing. Emotions have the strength to disrupt the ongoing thought process. They have two aspects for operating, one is cognition and other is physiology. Hence there are two types of emotions exhibited by humans. The two types of emotions are displayed emotions and other is felt emotion. Felt emotions are those real intrinsic feelings and sentiments of a person. Displayed emotions are emotions which are depicted via facial expressions. It’s not always necessary that the displayed emotions of a person are always his felt emotions.

Emotions play a vital role in a person’s life, occupying position of its main structural basis. Our behaviours are primarily influenced by emotions. They are predictor units, providing an approximate estimate that how a person might act in near future. Emotions have roles in diverse aspects of life ranging from socialization to the minutes decisions a person makes in everyday life. Emotions help in maintain relations an individual is already sustain. Emotions aid individuals in making perceptions about personality of the people they are interacting with. Emotions motivate a person to set goals for their lives, ranging from the next move a person might take to the big achievements an individual wants to gain. Emotions act as initials for an individual in differentiating between right and wrong.

Emotions act as the route towards the understanding of the human psyche. They give individuality to a person. It is the difference of perception under various settings which determines the personality of an individual. It is not always necessary that the facial expressions depicted by a person are the original feelings and sensations of a human. Displayed emotions do not necessarily depict the felt emotions. It might discourage the person from showing his actual emotions according to the situation he is in. We tend to be more real and don’t find it fruitful in wasting our energies in front of the people we are close to. Whereas there is a high chance that people might only represent publicly desirable sentiments and emotions in gatherings.

During the early years of life, one of the primary information a child gathers and understands from the environment is the emotions of people around him. The primary information of social development is gathered on the basis of the facial expressions perceived from the expressions and the reaction of the parents and family members. As the child interacts more with the people of his environment so does his social skills and cognitive developments sharpens. According to the information received the child then take further actions and decisions. The advancements taken rely upon the message encoded from the facial expressions observed. Emotions act as one of the primary sources for communication especially for the newly born babies who are not even familiar with the human language.

Toddlers are more attached to their mothers as compared to the rest of the family members. It is mainly because they harness the love and care hidden behind the smile of their mothers which no other person can possess. Mothers have a special for their children. Emotions play a very important role in development of the children. It would have been impossible for the newborns to survive without emotions. If the child would be unable to cry it would have been impossible for the parents to comprehend the disturbing ailments present in a child’s environment. Until the age of 2 children usually do not develop any communication sources other than the learnt primary emotions from the parents thus emotions have a very important survival value.

Facial expressions are the gateway through which we express our emotions but sometimes it become harmful to express real emotions to others. At this point people tend to become relatively desirable towards the society. Emotions have an important part in human life, their importance is undeniable.