Where many political analysts will disagree with current PTI politics, there are surely many positive aspects to be addressed. In the current political setup of Pakistan we need a political party like Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf who can challenge and shakeup the system at same time.

PTI chairman ‘Imran Khan’ is responsible for disqualification of 3 times elected Prime Minister ‘Nawaz Shairf’ and recently for the cancellation of Ishaq dar’s senate paper. Where many people are keen to discuss the change of Pakistan’s political dynamics, they are actually forgetting to mention PTI and Imran Khan’s important role.

While disagreeing on many stances with PTI, you got to give them the credit of ongoing process of punishing the corrupt politicians. Where many people asks questions, why only politicians? Well at least it has started. Wondering what would be the scenario if Imran Khan would not have pursed his political career? Two party systems were destroying Pakistan and word ‘Muk-Muka’ is something we all are familiar with.

Imran khan with his presence put every government on there toes, and they have worked little more then the expectations because of it. Even if Imran Khan does not become prime minister of Pakistan in 2018, we surely need someone like him to be part of Pakistan’s politics as opposition to keep shaking up the system.

FAHAD QURESHI, Lahore, February 15.