KARACHI - Speakers at a seminar said the Armed Forces of Pakistan are very much capable to respond to any aggression and ill-plans of the enemy at the boarder or elsewhere in the country.

They added the forces can defend every inch of the country but we need to reduce internal and domestic challenges being faced by the countrymen.

They stated the prime responsibility of Pakistanis is to strengthen themselves by uprooting extremism and violent mindset from Pakistan.

“Our enemies have always attempted to create and spread unrest in the country, but if we stand together we can foil their conspiracies easily and more effectively. We have to counter enemy’s designs and unity will be our main weapon in this war.”

Unity will be our main weapon to foil enemy’s designs

They made these remarks during one-day ‘Dukhtaraan-e-Pakistan: Envoy of Peace’ seminar held on Thursday at the Arts Auditorium, University of Karachi.

The chief guest and Provincial Minister for Women Development Syeda Shehla Raza expressed that Pakistani soldiers had safely picked up the Indian pilot and presented him in front of national televisions so that the whole country and world could witnessed how we treat our enemies.

“The captured pilot Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was not tortured at all while one of the Pakistani prisoners was killed by others in an Indian jail. Being a nation we have given a clear message to the world that we are peaceful nation and only retaliate when our enemies create disturbance and such actions are meant to defend the country.”

She said that for the last two decades Pakistan is facing war-like situation and this is due to the presence of violent and extremist mindset. “Owing to their activities, we have lost more lives than the wars in past. We have to trace those elements who mislead and misguide our youngsters, to carry out suicide attacks in the name of religion. Although, we all know that this is against the teachings of Islam; but some elements are exploiting the youngsters by giving them false interpretation of Islamic teachings.”

She urged to defeat the mindset which tries to promote violence and extremism in the country and asked not to let anyone use the name of religion for their own benefits. Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor KU Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan asked the female students to utilise their degrees after completing their education rather than sitting back at homes.

He observed that one of the main problems is that we did not see many professionals in the society as a large numbers of female students did not go into the field and sit back at homes. “We can do lot of things if we have made commitments and adopt practical approach towards the situation.”

He observed that education is more powerful than weapons and we need to develop culture which promotes education. He pointed out that youth is the source of power and they have to realize that they could do wonders for the country by utilising their education.

The Chairperson, Sindh Commission on the status of Women, Nuzhat Shirin, shared that women must know about their rights and who should be approached if they need any help. She said that very low percentage of women in Sindh is aware about their rights.

She said that good results could only achieve if public has complete knowledge about the law. The Director General, Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Prof Dr Ziaul Haq, while talking about the significance of peace narratives, said that at the boarders, our soldiers are active and responding well to every kind of violations, but the nation has to defeat the narrative of its enemy which was launched to destroy our beloved country.

He further said that enemy is afraid to fight us and that is why it has decided to invest huge money on our own people who have been misguided by enemy’s narrative and those people were carrying out violent activities in the country.

“This is so unfortunate that attempts were made to destroy this country by its own people who have been misguided by enemy’s narrative.” He shared that one of the Indian TV channel aired a program in which host asked whether the Indian government would attack Pakistan. The expert replied that they would not attack because Pakistani Air Force would bring down our planes but he claimed that Indian government would use Pakistani people to create panic and chaos to destabilize the country.

Professor Dr Zia added that we need to promote harmony in the country and women could do it better than men by teaching their children what is good for the society what is not. “In case, our enemy tried to attack us, it will face what happened yesterday, but to defeat its narrative, we have to end the hatred and intolerance from the society.

He informed the audience that over 7, 000 religious scholars have signed Paigham-e-Pakistan documents and Dukhtaraan-e-Pakistan is also one of its initiatives.

The Dean, JPMC, President of Pakistan Society of Psychology, Professor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Afridi discussed anger and stress management issue while the Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Aga Khan University, Dr Rubeena Kidwai discussed impact of hormonal changes on human behavior.

Earlier, the Director of the Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization, KU, Professor Dr Bilquees Gul, while delivering the welcome address, urged that educated women should come forward and play their positive role in bringing positive changes in the country.