A new videotaped statement of uniformed Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan was broadcasted on Friday after he was handed over to India on Wagah border.

In his latest video message, he said Pakistan Army's officers rescued him from mob, when he ejected from his plane. He said he was looking for his target, when his jet was shot down by Pakistan Air Force. A Captain of Pakistan Army also came and rescued me. He did not let any harm come to me. He said Pakistan Army treated him well and gave medical aid after bringing him to its unit.

“My name is Wing Commander Abhinandan. I am a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force. I was trying to find a target. Pakistan Air Force shot my aircraft down following which I have to leave it as it had broken down. I later ejected and opened parachute. I then fell on the ground. I had a pistol with me. There were several people and I had only one option for my defence. Therefore; I dropped my weapon. I tried to escape and people followed me. They were in high spirits and enthusiastic. Two army personnel arrive in the meantime and saved me from the public.

The Indian Pilot confessed that Indian media's ranting always misleads Indian public opinion about Pakistan and it presents trivial things as huge.

Earlier, the key announcement to release the Indian pilot was made on Thursday by Prime Minister Imran Khan at a joint session of parliament, summoned to send a strong message to India that the nation was united in the face of Indian belligerent acts.

On Feb 27, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) after striking down two Indian fighter jets arrested one pilot, who ejected himself after being hit in the airspace of Pakistan in Azad Jammu and Kashmir — something that came as an unexpected setback for India.

Pakistan military had released a video statement of captured Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan. “I’m wing commander Abhinandan and my service number is 27981,” the arrested Indian pilot had said in his video statement.