ISLAMABAD - The residents of the federal capital despite of unusual security situation in the city are united standing beside the armed forces to face any challenge, The Nation learned on Thursday.

The security is at high alert in the federal capital after the increasing tension on Line of Control (LOC) with India. 

Hospitals are at high alert and presence of law enforcement agencies personnel is visible at red zone and other areas of the city.

But, despite that educational institutions, government and private offices and businesses are being run in usual routine.

A large number of police contingents have been also deployed at Bani Gala, where Prime Minister Imran Khan resides, while police patrolling has been also increased in the city.

Though the unusual movement of law enforcement departments is not new for the residents of the federal city, but this time they are witnessing a new flavour in it. The hovering jets of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in the sky.

“I feel no fear of this sound, it gives me strength of facing any challenge,” said Waqas Khan a resident of Bani Gala who works as an engineer in a private firm in the city.

He said that despite of unusual law and order situation in the country after tensions escalated with India, the government has not restricted life of the citizens here.

“We are free to move and there is not any no go areas for us,” he said.

Waqas added that life is calm here and show of power by Pakistan military has given a boost to the moral of the citizens.

Students, rights groups and political parties in order to express their solidarity with the armed forces and government have also come out holding rallies to support the government.

Students association at International Islamic University (IIU), different groups including political and religious parties and minority groups gathered outside press club in last two days and showed unity.

“When it comes to Pakistan sovereignty we have no difference with anyone,” said Shezan Daniel a local political figure of F-7 from Christian community.

He said that this country is our home and we are ready to defend it with all our strength.

Daniel said that since the tension escalated between Pakistan and India, the federal capital has been put under high alert.

“But this high alert has not spread any fear we are comfortable with no hurdle in our daily life,” he said. 

Since PAF shoot down two aircraft on Indian Air Force (IAF), the strength of PAF pilots became talk of the town.

“Our squadron leader hit IAF wing commander, that makes a difference,” said Ameer Ali, who runs a currency exchange business at Blue Area.

In his views PAF strike gave entire nation a confidence back which was down after IAF intrusion in Pakistan territory.

Replying to a query that does this situation affects his profitable business, Ameer said that business exists when the country exist.

“There is high alert in the city, but I am on my business without any worridness,” he said.

He added that population of the city has reached to two million, and entire two million is behind armed forces to defend the borders.

Where people living in Islamabad have maintained a discipline in high alert and showed solidarity with government to defend country’s boundaries, some also believe that war needed to be avoided.

Haider Khan, student of MPhill at Defense Studies viewed that voice of people favouring war has apparently dominated the version of keeping peace in the region.

“Its federal capital majority of people are educated but we haven’t saw any big rally coming out to keep peace,” he said.

Haider added that standing behind government to defend its borders is a rightful act, but demand of war by a common man needs to be discouraged.

He views that public should celebrate dominancy in defending Pakistan boundaries, but also focus on the message given by Prime Minister that wars have no end.

“Nation is united to beat any military aggression, but people needs to more advocate about peace,” he said.